Build Your Dream Bike!

Looking for the bike of your dreams but having trouble finding exactly what you want? For some, going the custom build route is exactly what the doctor ordered! If you have discerning tastes when it comes to your ride, don’t compromise -> customize!

Trek Project One

Project One is a fantastic option for those who want to build the Trek of their dreams, without making any compromises. From color, to part specs, to fit — dial your ride to meet your exact specifications. Visit the Project One site today to view all the available options and to build your very own custom ride. Built a bike you can’t live without? Email the build spec to and we’ll get you a personalized quote! Stop in, call, or email us today for more info!

Custom Build

Sometimes to get exactly what you want, you have to build it yourself. Or, in this case, have us build it! Start from a bare frame and we can help you choose every single part to complete your totally custom machine. The thing to remember when it comes to custom is that it is not the “inexpensive” way to go. Building a bike from scratch is time consuming and takes a vast amount of technical knowledge so it is not something to be taken lightly. Lucky for you, we have expert technicians who have vast experience in this field! We have no set charge for custom builds, as every job is vastly different. But, if you still think this may be the option for you, email us at to make an appointment to meet.

*As many totally custom projects are extremely time consuming, we do not guarantee time-frames and encourage customers to consider these projects for the fall/winter, thus allowing us to devote the maximum amount of time to your build. *


Need some more motivation? Check out our galleries below displaying some custom beauties we’ve already build for customers!

Please note, some of these examples are from past years and may not currently be available in their exact pictured form.

Madone SLR Disc (Di2, XXX Wheels) - P1

Madone 9 Series (Di2, Quarq Power Meter) - P1

Domane SLR Disc - P1

Madone SLR - P1

Trek Boone - Frame Build

Domane SLR disc - P1

Fuel EX 9.8 (SRAM Eagle, Fox RE:activ) - P1

Domane SLR - Race Shop Limited - P1

Madone SLR - P1

Emonda SLR (13lbs!) - P1

Madone 9 Series (Dura-Ace) - P1

Madone 9 Series (Ultegra Di2) - P1

Domane 6 Series - P1

Trek Boone - Frame Build

Emonda SLR - P1

Domane 6 Series (Ultegra Di2) - P1