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Don't miss out on the 2022 riding season!

As many of you know, the bicycle industry (as well as many other industries) has been going through a worldwide shortage of parts, accessories, and new bicycles over the past 2 years. While this huge increase in interest in cycling is absolutely wonderful, it has made the availability of these items, especially new bicycles, very scarce. Unfortunately, forecasts predict this scarcity to persist and even worsen through spring, summer, and fall of 2022.

The good news! Fortunately, we have been working hard the past 18-24 months to make sure we continue to be as prepared as possible for this new world we're living in by ordering, preordering, and backordering. This paired with our close relationship with Trek Bicycle Corporation means we are stocked and will be as ready as we can be! With hundreds of bicycles currently in-stock, and many, many more coming through the winter, our goal is to continue to provide bikes and equipment to you all through this shortage.

But what does this all mean for you? BUY EARLY! Even with our best efforts to prepare, finding the right model, size, and color bike of your dreams may very well still be tough. So whether it's a gift for the holidays or a new ride for this upcoming season, we encourage you to start the process now! Stop in and see us this fall and winter - Buy now if we have the perfect model in-store and we can store it for you till your desired pickup. Or, get your order in for when that dream ride does become available.

So help us help you make sure your 2022 riding season is as awesome as possible by shopping early at Hall Bicycle Company! 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Falls, Iowa